More Benefits of Renting a Melbourne Office Suite

Should your company rent an office suite? There are several benefits including fewer responsibilities, more flexibility, and no mortgage. Here are some of the other main benefits you can enjoy by renting or leasing office space instead of purchasing it:

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  1. Tax paperwork

In the case your company is leasing out office space, your income tax return will be easier to file on the other hand if you own the building that you’re working on the paperwork required tends to be much higher.


Besides that, there are a lot of other issues related so owning a building. So it’s always a plus when you don’t have to do more paperwork. It can free up time and money to deal with other important issues your company has to handle.


Paperwork is something that’s part of the business world, and the good news is the Digital Age has made it easier. However, it’s still always a key benefit when you have less to deal with, so less tax paperwork is a plus.


  1. Less stress

Owning and running a business can be quite stressful so it’s important to reduce your stressor whenever you can. One way to do that is by renting/leasing and office suite instead of constructing an office building.


  1. Negotiate rates

Sometimes it’s possible to negotiate the rates of real estate properties. This is often possible if there are a lot of properties in your area. The company might be willing to negotiate a lower price to prevent you from taking your business elsewhere.


It’s always worth trying to negotiate the rent/lease rates. There’s no guarantee that you’ll be able to do that, but it’s worth a try. Consider that the costs can be quite high depending on the area you’re in, so it’s always helpful if you can get a lower price.


  1. No down-payment

When you buy a building you usually have to pay 20%-25% of the cost of a down-payment, then mortgage the balance. On the other hand, when you lease office space you just have to pay 1-2 months of the lease’s value before you move into the building. That can be a big plus for small businesses that need cash flow.


These are just some of the many benefits of renting an office suite instead of building an office building. Why not consider the solution that requires less time, effort, and money?  It’s simply good business. This article has been contributed by Aim Business Centres Carlton.

Function of Substation and how it Works

How substations work and why are they called substations? A substation is used to transmit voltage and to distribute. Substations have a variety of function and we will discuss it in this article, also how is it working and the safety devices that used in substations. We usually had known that a substation is where we wait for a train and ride it to the other station. A large amount of electricity needs to be transmitted and distributed where it needs to be and it can be far from the substation. The power that is in substation is in high voltage and will step up using the transformers; they will step down for distribution after the transmission.

The substations used a variety of devices for protection such as fuses and circuit breakers for the safe distribution of the network. The substations are designed in a way that the distribution circuit can isolate and for repairs. Most of the substations are outdoors with a wire fence enclosing it, but in residential areas, the substations are inside or in indoors to control the noise of large transformers. There are companies that constructing substations where it needs and also took care of the maintenance of your substations to ensure your safety.

The substations have many functions aside from distributing electricity and these are to step up the voltage of the electricity for the transmission and to step down for the distribution. The power transmitted in high voltage the energy is lower it results in lower transmission losses, therefore it needs to step up and to step down the power. For maintenance, the substation needs to be switch and isolate. Switching of a substation is important when the demand of electricity is high, but it is dangerous, that’s why they used circuit breakers. They used special circuit breakers like oil circuit breakers and air circuit breakers.

To maintain the balance of distribution circuit of a substation, load shedding is what they do when the demand is more than the supply of the electricity. The electrical energy is generated in a thermal power plant, nuclear power plant and in hydroelectric plant, and then it supplies the substation for transmission. Using the step up transformer, the voltage of the electricity will increase substantially and it reduce to spread in far places.

The people should avoid living near the substations, because they can be exposed in radiation that will be a cause of many diseases like cancer and tumors. more info