Metal Buildings and Their Advantages

Metal buildings have a gained a significant amount of popularity nationwide in recent years. Metal buildings can provide the quality, durability, and size dimensions that you need. If you are looking to the versatility and flexibility that the purchase of a metal building can provide for you, then there are a number of things that you need to consider. First, you will need to make a list of what you want your new metal building to do for you. Be specific about what requirements that the building has to meet in order that it will satisfy your needs. A theoretical example would be if you are going to build a small manufacturing facility does it have enough clearance in order to house large equipment? If not you may have to reconsider initial height requirements in order to accommodate the right size doors. Once this question is answered the proper style of door needs to be selected – roll-up, sliding, or walk through.

In relation to doors, you need to determine how many you will need and their exact placement in the building i.e. at the end or the side of the building or both. Choose what you think will be the most used access area into your building and start from there. If you need metal fabrication in Adelaide you can visit If heavy machinery or other obstacles will be blocking access at times, select other entrances that will provide access into the building and budget accordingly.

The next question that needs to be answered is whether you require “clear-span” inside space for your metal building. This feature provides for “column-free” space and does away with the need for any load-bearing interior columns inside your building. “Clear-span” interiors are great if you are in need large areas of space under roof that are unencumbered by obstacles. This is a more expensive metal building framing system for your structure than a “multi-span” system. A more affordable “multi-span” system should be considered if interior support columns do not pose a problem to access or mobility.

The height of the metal building is also important. Especially in the manufacturing of products or in the storing of commodities the vertical storage and interior clearance available inside the structure can be critical. Two things to keep in mind – the maximum door height clearance is two feet below the eave height of the structure. The minimum height that most metal building companies require for a two-story structure, or one with a mezzanine, is 24′. Make sure that there is sufficient interior space initially for whatever vertical capacity you may require in the future.

Ascertain your needs as far as insulation requirements for your structure. Most base building purchases do not include an insulation package as the “R” value of the insulation will vary dependant on where you are in the country and whether you want your building completely or partially insulated. Insulation advantages for metal buildings include lower overall energy consumption costs and reduced noise in the interior from rain on the roof.

The purchase of a metal building provides a huge cost advantage when compared to more conventional building methods and materials. A metal building can be purchased and erected at a fraction of the price that a more traditional structure would cost.


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