Shrivan Narresh was established in 2001, with a passion for development. Shrivan Narresh is committed to deliver world class solutions with expertise and flawless execution. Very technology solution is geared towards improving the cost efficiency, service and overall satisfaction for both clients and customers alike.

Shrivan Narresh continues to satisfy the customer as our main priority and give the best value for the money. We believe that every software solution must create visible customer value with a built-in tolerance to change.


Cross platform Technologies

The cross platform mobile development refers to writing a single codebase that is used for mobile apps that are meant to be used on various operating systems.

Node Js

Node Js is a special platform that is built on JavaScript run time for to create fast, salable network applications.


This is a free, open project that provides mobile applications and browsers with Real-Time Communication capabilities.

Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing contains SEO SMM and SEM. These are the three most valuable features you need to promote your site and bring in traffic.

Web Development

As information technology is the top sector in web services, it is categorized into various portions needed.

Joomla Development

Our Joomla Development service complies in accordance with our client’s requirements.

Mobile App Development

With the strong emergence of mobile technology, businesses understand the demand in staying connected with customers

Shrivan Narresh will provide management, provision, planning and work together to provide the best combination of service and administration.

Our skilled professionals work to simplify management and reduce the client’s spending by allowing their employees to focus on the core of the business. We design and deliver storage solutions expertise to help their business run on efficiency and ethics.