Tips in Building Effective Teams

Some of the most successful organizations and themajority of the Fortune 500 companies use the concept of building teams to achieve their goals in a more efficient and a much faster pace. Since its introduction to the business management practice, the concept of building effective teams has been the mantra of every organization wanting to make it big and become successful. This is because the concept of becoming a team allows people to identify themselves with others and function as a part of a system.

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Many organizations around the world spend significant amounts of their annual budget on team building activities which at face value may seem like a cost that does not return an investment. The truth is building effective teams through team building activities bring the most significant returns on your investment. Team buildings is not the only way for you to bring your tram closer. Take a look at these other tips to build your team effectively.

Create Diversity

For you to make sure that you have an effective team, you need to include people with differences. When a person works with someone with a different strategy, the person learns to adapt and in the process expand his skills and acquire more knowledge. Make sure that the members of the team have varying strengths and opportunities.

Clarify the Goal

Every team needs to have a clear vision of why they are put together and what it is that they need to achieve. When the goal is not set clearly, some members of the team may be slowing the progress down by going in a different direction. Clarify the goals with each team member as well as the responsibilities and tasks for each of them to contribute to the achievement of the end goal.

Build Connection

Making the team feel that they are connected to each other means more than just telling them the right words. Putting them in one place or one work area is a good start. Make them feel they are a team by having them wear customized shirts, statement pins or identification cards that have your team name. You need to give the something that will remind them that they are expected to function as a part of a team. A customize t shirt  for each member is easily the most effective way of achieving this goal. Make sure, though, that the shirt design does represent the team and not just the interest of one individual.

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